Saturday, 11 October 2014

Owls and flowers for a baby girl

Remember the rather ambitious rose and daisy blocks crochet blanket I embarked on two years ago now? It got upscaled by four to an envisioned double-bed blanket and then ... well ... downscaled by four again back to a baby blanket this year. 

There'll be a new addition to the family in the form of my niece in a few short months' time and I'd just finished joining all the blocks when we heard my sister was going to have a girl. While I was crocheting the border, I realised it was perfect for a little girl.

Her room is already filling up with embroidered and crocheted owls and flowers and leaves and bunting in delicate shades of lilac and yellow and hopefully this blanket will not only add extra colour, but see her through quite a few years as it's a fairly decent size.

My mom's been hard at work on the cot bumper, which is filled with appliqued and embroidered owls, flowers and leaves:

And she crocheted this stuffed owl off the top of her head, no pattern! Just a line drawing that she used as a rough guide for the general shape of the body.

There's also an embroidered owl clock in the making (my mom), so plenty of "made with love" for this new little one. And maybe being surrounded by all this hand stitching will get her wanting to pick up a needle or crochet hook herself one day. One can always hope.


Anonymous said...

The blanket is adorable - it was obviously waiting to be a cot blanket all that time! And the owls have the sweetest faces!

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks! And yes, ahem, it was meant to be a cot blanket all along...