Friday, 3 October 2014

Standalone embroidery edition for Ideas magazine

This week saw the culmination of a big project I've been working on for the past few months - a standalone embroidery supplement for Ideas magazine, here in South Africa.

Ideas is a monthly publication packed with, well, ideas for everything from craft to food to life. And this year they decided to bring out four special standalone editions: Ideas Knitting, Ideas Crochet, Party Ideas for Kids and Ideas Embroidery.

The first three are already out and Ideas Embroidery, which is where I come in, comes out in early December. There'll be print and digital editions, so I'll keep you posted. And you can pre-order your copy by calling Lucille van der Berg on 021 408 3038 (0027 21 408 3038 from outside SA) or sending Lucille an email:

Ideas Embroidery will be jam-packed with fresh, modern embroidery and sewists will benefit too, as full sewing instructions are included for the various items that I've embroidered. Obviously though, I can't show any photos yet as that would ruin the surprise!

But my box of embroidered goods made it safely to the Ideas office in Cape Town this week and the talented, anything-is-possible ladies who run the show down there have now taken over.

Judging by the previous three standalones they've put together, this one should be good!


Amanda Harvey said...

Can't wait for the Embroidery Magazine, saw it advertised yesterday in the new Ideas. So exciting, congratulations in advance! Just in time for Christmas presents!

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks Amanda. I've just been proofing some pages and the Ideas team have done a brilliant job with the photography and look of the mag! Only a month to go till we can get our hands on a copy...

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