Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rain, roses and daisies

It’s storm season on the South African Highveld, which means heat, clouds, lightning, thunder and bucketing rain followed by rainbows and that distinctive scent of storm that would make me a billionaire if I could capture it in a bottle. Apart from the drama of the storms, they’re perfect weather for crocheting now that winter is becoming a distant memory.

They cool the air making it pleasant to work with wool and as good lighting isn’t a requirement for crochet, the darkness wrought by black skies isn’t a problem. And this year, the clouds seem to be sticking around. They haven’t fully dissipated for days now, allowing only sporadic sunlight through instead of the usual brilliantly blue skies with clouds building up towards late afternoon.

But I’m not complaining. Not at all. After a lacklustre winter on the wool front, I’m on a bit of a crochet bent at the moment and am putting it to good use. This past weekend, I embarked on an ambitious, long-term project – a multi-coloured, double-bed size blanket of rose and daisy squares:

So that’s 18 squares down, 378 to go… And if you're in love and want to make them for yourself, the pattern is from Crocheted Throws & Wraps: 25 Throws, Wraps and Blankets to Crochet by Melody Griffiths (Cico Books/Struik Lifestyle).


Paul & Carla said...

Only 378 to go? Whew. Have at it. Better you than I.

Kelly Fletcher said...

Haha, as I said, a long-term project... That said, they go quite quickly once you've the pattern down. But I still only hope to finish it in time for next winter!

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Ahh Love this Kelly! I have been working on my own baby granny and love it so therapeutic.