Sunday, 9 February 2014

What needlework magazines do you read?

Despite all the amazing offerings on the net, I still love the medium of print – specifically, needlework magazines. It’s an indulgence to spend an hour browsing the racks at the newsagent and it’s almost torture waiting for an international mag to make its way to my postbox. I even prefer to print out digital magazines and read them that way. 

I generally end up buying the same titles over and over again, but I’m on the lookout for some new ones and I’m hoping you’ll be able to make some suggestions? I’m familiar with Inspirations from Australia and Mollie Makes from the UK, Ideas and Stitches from here in SA plus a few others. 

But what magazines do you read? The Americas and mainland Europe must surely have a fair few, although I’ve not had much luck finding them online.

I’m interested in any and all needlework and sewing mags, not just embroidery - even magazines that also feature crafts not related to embroidery, quilting, crochet, etc. And I'm not fussed about whether they're print or digital either. Mostly, I’d just like to find some new reads!


Ruth S, said...

I love The World of Cross Stitching here in the UK (also available overseas, and digital as well as print!) So many fresh and bright ideas ;) Rx

Paula Marcondes said...

I love Italian magazines, like Rakam or Ric Amare or Mani di Fata. In Spanish there is Labores del Hogar, very good also. In Portugal I love Arte&Ideias. I like New Stitches, from UK. In French you can find several very good titles in Les Éditions de Saxe.

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks, Ruth. You've got me on to the website now too! I actually got a copy of Craftseller for Christmas, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The cross-stitch mags are all new to me though, which is great. Take care, Kelly

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks so much Paula, I"m going to have to put aside some time to look for all those titles, but looking forward to it!