Sunday, 18 October 2009


Lesley of Tintock Tap tagged me with a Kreativ Blogger award a while ago… well, better late than never. Thanks, Lesley. And sorry to keep you waiting.

In keeping with the spirit of the tagged award, I have to share seven things about myself and then tag seven other bloggers. I’m on a bit of an embroidery bent at the moment, so here are seven related facts about me:

1) My mom got me started on embroidery, but I’m largely self-taught.
2) I’m easily bored, so go for smaller projects with lots of different stitches – probably why I enjoy creative and Jacobean embroidery.
3) The stitch I enjoy doing most is palestrina.
4) Bullions are my nemesis. It’s an ongoing war.
5) The last stitch I learnt was up and down blanket stitch.
6) I’ve done a goldwork course, but have only ever finished the piece we had to work on in the course. And I cut corners to get it done.
7) I’m right-handed, but thread needles left-handed.

So there you have it.

And I’m tagging seven blogs that I read as often as possible:

Anything goes. The go-to blog for all things design.
Knot Garden. Stunning objects, neatly stitched, and beautifully styled photographs.
UK lass in US. Fun project ideas, plus UK English to US English translations.
¼ of an inch. Regular Sunday Stash posts for ogling fabric.
Jen Renninger. Fantastic illustrations.
The Quilted Turtle. Insider info about living on an island with no cars, with quilting thrown in.
She wears shwe shwe. Although this blog hasn’t been updated recently, it’s a poignant reminder of home and beautifully illustrates the traditional use for shwe shwe – one of my favourite fabrics.


kat said...

Thanks for the tag Kel. Never knew you did a goldwork course - would love to see that piece. x

Liz said...

Thanks for tagging me!