Friday, 26 June 2015

Wild Grass, a modern hand embroidery pattern

My mom and stepdad moved to the country full-time a few months ago, although we’d been visiting the house with them for about two years already. There are lots of walking paths criss-crossing the area, so I’d gathered a collection of shots of the different wild grasses that grow alongside these pathways through the seasons.

While the grasses in this pattern aren’t true to the real-life versions, those photos sparked the sketches that then became the design. As with almost all my ideas, the stitches come first and so the details have been worked out to accommodate a variety of textural hand embroidery stitches – cast-ons, bullions, knots and so on – rather than depict the individual grasses as they appear in nature. The overall effect is remarkably similar though.

Using a variety of stitches helped me steer clear of potential boredom while sticking with just a few thread colours. (In fact, this design was particularly fun to stitch.) And using shades of grey and white rather than traditional browns and greens gives the embroidery a fresh, modern feel.

It’s a classic design that’d work well framed as wall art or sewn up into a rectangular feature cushion for a living or bedroom. And it’d be easy to replace the colours to suit your taste.

You’ll find the pattern as an instant download in my online shop on Etsy and Craftsy.