Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ideas magazine, June 2014

I generally work on my own so it’s great when you get the chance to collaborate on a project, which is what happened with the one you’ll find in the June edition of Ideas magazine. They had the idea and I came up with the designs and embroidered them – six plates on a tablecloth, each featuring a family member’s favourite flower and positioned at their place setting. A sort of six-in-one design, if you want to look at that way.

You’ll find complete designs for red and pink roses, two peonies, a fynbos paper daisy in bold blue, a sprig of delicate orchids, pink and yellow frangipani and brightly coloured cosmos (which you often see here growing in great swathes along the verges on road trips). It’s up to you if you want to use them individually or recreate the tablecloth in its entirety. Either way, they’re a pleasure to stitch and suitable for beginners right through to more experienced embroiderers, so give them a go. You'll find instructions for all the stitches used in my Stitch Directory.

You’ll find the project in the June edition of Ideas (and the Afrikaans Idees), which is on shelves now and should be for the next few weeks. If you live outside South Africa or just prefer pixels, grab a digital copy from


Jane McLellan said...

What a lovely idea. I'll look for the mag next time I'm in town.

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks, Jane. It was such a nice project to embroider, and it was a really good issue of the mag too, so well worth getting.