Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sun, rain and snow... embroidered

We’re in the midst of a heatwave here in Johannesburg and it is hot in the city! The air is heavy with heat and oppressively still, broken only by sporadic wafts of air as the fan reaches the end of each oscillation. In complete contrast, some of you up north will be seeing a little snow round about now if the world weather reports are accurate – especially if you live somewhere in Scandinavia. It’s the perfect time for a weather-related embroidery round-up. 

Spring sun hand embroidered and needlefelted hoop art by Sara Sinclair of I Felt Fuzzy.  

Summery machine embroidered linen tea towels by Susan McKinnon of Embroidered by Sue.  

Hand embroidered felt brooch, stuffed and designed to reflect your mood by Cristina of Trepuntozerocivette.  

Sun hat for toddlers from The Stitch & Thimble : 12 (sewing pattern included), available from Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design

Summer Rain filler stitch sampler, pattern available from Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design

A playful, cross-stitched take on a rainy day in a pattern by Kate McGee of Redily Stitched  

Flower petals raining down in felt and hand embroidery wall art by Susan LaCour of Bella Celestina

Mary Jane and her old-fashioned umbrella, a hand embroidery pattern by Kate of Lilipopo.  

A snow covered tree stitched on to burlap by Laura Hickey of Whispering Walls

Beautiful hand embroidered snowflake baby shoes from Ayako of Amu.  

Scandinavian style snowflake from The Stitch & Thimble : 02, available from Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design.

An embroidered snowflake ornament to commemorate the year that was by Jessica Marquez of Miniature Rhino.

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