Friday, 9 August 2013

The lure of fresh wool

So obviously I couldn’t resist. My curiosity about how the variegated yarn I bought recently would work up into crocheted granny squares got the better of me and I had to make a few blocks, using the various colours I’d bought. They turned out better than I expected (all credit to the yarn) and are so quick and easy to make, there should be no excuses for this project turning into a long-term one. Well, in theory anyway. 

Other than that, it’s been a busy week of wearing many hats – copy editing a couple of days at the online newspaper for which I do freelance work, baking biscotti to fill an order (I supply a home industry shop across the road with the odd batch of biscotti, but this was a personal order) and working on the new embroidery designs I’ve got coming up for you. 

On top of that, I’ve woken up this morning to rain! And I ended that sentence with an exclamation mark because rain at this time of year is unusual where I live – thanks Cape Town, for sending us your wet, wintery weather. But I do love rain, so no complaints. It’s perfect weather for a cosy and relaxing public holiday (crocheting some more blocks). So even if you don’t live in South Africa, Happy Women’s Day.


Anonymous said...

Os tons usados nos quadrados estão tão harmoniosos... Seu trabalho certamente terá um lindo resultado!
Um abraço!

The tones used in the squares are so harmonious ... His work will surely have a beautiful result!

Susan Hook said...

I like the colours of your crochet squares, what are you going to make with them?

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks Egléa, it's all credit to the variegated wool. All I'm doing is crocheting granny squares... And they'll end up as a blanket, Susan. I just wanted an easy project that kept my hands busier than my mind - and I've been keen on this one, which I came across in a magazine, for a while now.