Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Colour study: Christmas

I’ve come across some inspiring sites on my colour journey over the past year. Two that stand out are Design Seeds and The Caroline Johansson, both of which are great for flooding the right brain with colour palettes and opening the mind to new combinations, as well as the subtleties of tints, shades and tones. 

Putting colour palettes such as these to work is an idea that’s grown over time. And naturally I turn to my floss boxes, as that’s the whole point of my ongoing focus on colour – to come up with better and better colourways for my embroidery designs. 

It’s also been a while since I’ve put out a free design, the perfect vehicle for a colour study. So here it is, simply titled for what it is: Christmas Tree

The colour numbers are specific to DMC six-stranded cotton thread, but there are loads of colour conversion charts on the web so you can easily convert to Anchor or other brands. I’ve gone with a slightly alternative colour combination to the usual Christmas hues, to keep things interesting. And the design shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to stitch. Use the design, the colourway or both – it’s all available as a PDF download in the Free Patterns section of my website. Enjoy.

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