Sunday, 27 June 2010

Limited editions

All that pondering about the quilts on show at the V&A's Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition and I forgot to show the two generous fat quarters I brought home from the museum. The V&A teamed up with Liberty to produce 18 limited editions based on prints in the various quilts on show. These were my two favourites:

Petals: From a coverlet of early 19th century printed cottons. Possibly made in Wales in 1830-40. (Although this one is called Leaves on the selvedge?)

Coral Leaves: Taken from a coverlet of block-printed cottons from the 1780s and 1790s. Made in Britain and dated 1797.

And mom couldn't resist this print:

Lattice: From a coverlet of printed cotton and linen with appliqué and embroidery. Made in England in 1802-1830.

Still deciding what to make out of them…

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Liz said...

Wow. That fabric is great!