Saturday, 16 August 2008

Boring… boring… gone

I wrote what can safely be referred to as the most boring blog entry ever written last week. It was such a non-entity that I didn’t even bother posting it. If my mind started wandering by the second sentence… well, enough said.

I think it’s because I work with words all week. I’m so used to having to stick to a style guide and use certain sentence structures and go into minute detail about the subject matter that my brain subconsciously reaches into its left hemisphere when it sees words. But I’m only 35% left brain and 65% right – according to this test.

Okay, so I’d probably score differently if I took the test again – that usually happens with me and these types of tests – but my point is that this blog is supposed to be a fun and creative outlet about a major part of my life: making things out of fabric and/or thread. Even if I don’t always have something profound to say or a wonderful new project to share.

That said, I did have a wonderful (if only because of the time it took to complete) new project to share about two weeks ago.

I posted it on my flickr site and it rapidly shot to my most viewed image! So that was pretty inspiring. Inspiring enough for me to redesign my blog header, as you can see above, and put some other plans that have been on the backburner into motion. I have been thinking about doing these things for a while now, but all those lovely comments definitely contributed to my determination to actually get on with turning my daydreams into reality.


Lil D said...

The celtic stems are absolutely beautiful. Really.

Cele said...

How colourful. Beautiful, such lovely work.