Monday, 21 September 2015

Hand embroidered Wild Pods

The sketches for some of the pods in this design had been sitting on a folded up sheet of paper stuck into the back flap of a sketchbook for almost five years, waiting for the right design idea to come along. That idea came along around the same time as my Wild Grass pattern – some of the individual plant ideas were too pod-like and branched off on to a separate page that fitted well with the older sketches.

I loved the horizontal layout of the grasses and so created Wild Pods to the same dimensions.

Some of the colours used in the pattern – the rusty reds – I’d not used before. And two or three of the stitch ideas were also new to me, fortunately they all worked out according to plan.

Like Wild Grass, the variety of stitches in Wild Pods kept the embroidery fun and interesting to do. And the finished work stayed true to my aim of a fresh and modern design in slightly unusual, but striking colours.

It's a good pattern for stitch lovers and is available as an instant download from Etsy or Craftsy.


Robbie said...


fawn said...

I just discovered your site. Your work is so gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing more.

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thank you, and thank you!

Anonymous said...

I loved this design from the first time I saw it, and I want to buy it as soon as I have fun money again. It's so appealing!

asif a said...

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