Friday, 21 February 2014

Ideas magazine : Entrepreneur of the month

When I opened my dedicated online shop for South African embroiderers last year, I approached local magazine Ideas to ask if my shop might not be the kind of thing for their monthly page on new shops and product ranges. The magazine positions itself as "the ultimate guide to modern living for women with creative flair" and is great about promoting local, hand-crafted wares and the artisans behind these small businesses, and I thought I might have a chance of my shop being featured. 

So when I got an email back saying they'd actually like to interview me for their entrepreneur of the month spot, I was more than thrilled. And because the magazine is based in Cape Town and I'm in Johannesburg, I got to be interviewed by and meet no less than the editor and have my work styled for photography by the creative director, as they had flown up for an awards ceremony. Lucky for me.

This all happened in November last year and I then spent a couple of weeks frantically designing and stitching two embroidery projects for the same issue. It all paid off though and the March issue, themed the illustration issue, is now on the shelves. The projects I designed for Ideas are in my usual contemporary creative surface embroidery style.


I'm a regular Ideas buyer and, setting aside the fact that I happen to be in it, I can honestly say this is one of the best issues yet. It may be that I'm drawn to and inspired by illustration and visual creativity, but it's packed with interesting features, creative layouts and fresh ideas. And this has made me even more thrilled to be a part of it.

All that's left to say, really, is a big thank you to Terena, Dala and photographer Elske Kritzinger for taking the time to come to my small corner of the world to chat about my work. It was lovely to cross paths and I look forward to doing so again soon.

PS Digital editions of the magazine are available on


Anna said...

Wow Kelly, congratulations! this is just fantastic and so well deserved your designs are always so amazing.

Ms Sharma said...

Congrats Kelly. You certainly deserve it. Your designs are always so very beautiful.

Ms Sharma

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks so much, Anna. It's all been quite exciting!

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks so much, Ms Sharma. And for the lovely compliment too.