Friday, 11 October 2013

Front posts, train tracks and music notes

It’s good to be spontaneous, especially after a long slog of work through winter. And a last-minute decision to jump on a train and head to a music festival for a couple of days down in the Cape was just the ticket. 

There were highs and lows, as with everything in life. Seeing The Hives live was a high, the cramped camping and dismal ablution facilities definitely a low and the overnight train ride each way an unexpected high. Needless to say, there wasn’t much needlework going on between all the preparations, packing, journeying, attending, returning and unpacking.

I threw two skeins of yarn and a crochet hook into my bag at the last minute. I’ve been caught out before thinking I’d be too busy while away to do any stitching or crocheting and then regretting it when finding myself with time on my hands after all.

The train back was fairly subdued after the revelling of the past few days (there were 80+ festival goers from Johannesburg on the train) and although I did spend a fair amount of time idly watching the countryside trundle by, I also taught myself how to do an FPtr2tog, otherwise known as a front post treble two together. In UK/SA crochet terms, that’d be an FPdtr2tog or front post double treble two together. 

It’s incorporated into the Team Captain block from Ellen Gormley’s book of motifs, called Crochet To Go. It’s not half as tricky as it sounds and is really effective, giving almost the appearance of small knitted cables.

One block to learn, a second to reinforce the method and it was back to gazing out the window and watching the countryside change from mountains and vineyards to colourful fynbos and arid scrubland to thorn trees and Highveld grassland.

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