Friday, 6 September 2013

Endings and beginnings

This week’s been all about the upcoming new designs, sourcing foam board for mounting (which is more difficult than you’d think when you need several large, white A1 boards) and getting down to the actual mounting.

The reason I mount those embroideries that I don’t make up into something practical or beautiful is because the design photographs so much better this way – so I wash (gently) and iron the embroideries, then mount them on foam board. This also stretches them slightly, although I don’t overstretch as it tends to distort the embroidery.

These are about half of the new designs. I took this photo yesterday while I had morning sunlight streaming into the room, so still had quite a few more to do.

Otherwise it’s been a relatively quiet week, with lots of US Open tennis watching in the evenings. I’m also starting to allow my mind to wander towards upcoming projects, specifically – yes, it’s that time of year again – Christmas. I’ve got some sketches and ideas stashed away, so am looking forward to getting them out and starting all over again at the drawing board with a bunch of new designs for the festive season.

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