Friday, 30 August 2013


You've likely noticed a few changes on this blog of late – more regular posts for one, but also a change in content and new pages. It’s all part of a Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design overhaul that is under way (and long overdue). 

It started with my blog and now moves on to my website, specifically my online shop on, with the Springcleaning Sale from 1 to 15 September. For various reasons – reliability, economy, the fact that I no longer live in the UK – I’m shaking things up and changing my set-up. So the sale is also a closing down sale for my UK online shop, paving the way for two new shops – one local, the other international. And if there are any patterns you’ve had your eye on, you might want to take advantage of the reduced prices in the coming days as I’ll be retiring some of them (especially the older patterns).

This move doesn’t come without a twinge of sadness. I started my shop on a whim in London four years ago and it’s been an incredible journey from that small beginning, but life and technology have moved on and so must I. And it paves the way for new things to come, mainly a whole lot of fresh, new embroidery designs that will be available in the new shops in the coming month – I’ll keep you posted.

Other than organising the sale, I’ve been busy this week with another kind of stitching altogether – making surf ski foot straps for my cousin down in Port Elizabeth. This is the part of the boat that, ahem, you hook your feet under. Anyway, not the kind of thing you can just walk into a shop and buy, so I custom make them for him.

I also finished embroidering the last of the new embroidery designs, which has been a mammoth undertaking but a hugely enjoyable one. And plans for the next few days are to finish drawing up the patterns and then get moving on the photography so I can get the new shops stocked and up and running. It’s all getting rather exciting now.

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