Sunday, 21 April 2013

Time flies

I knew it’d been a while since my last post, but nearly a month! That came as a bit of a surprise initially – I had no idea it’d been that long – but I have been rather distracted by life lately, so it’s not really that surprising. Easter weekend, a slew of birthday celebrations (including a special 70th), a long-planned family get-together, the arrival of a new baby boy in the family… there’s been plenty to enjoy and celebrate. 

I have managed to get a bit done between all the merriment, though, in case you think I’ve been shirking off completely. I now have an online outlet for my patterns and The Stitch & Thimble for those who prefer to shop in US$. Go to and shop away (click on the link, otherwise the button on the left will take you straight there).

And I’m working on a commission for baby announcements, embroidered appliqué and framed pieces featuring all the birth details of two little ones. The personalised designs are traced on, the appliqué pieces cut out, the stitches and colours all worked out and now I just need to do the embroidery before getting them framed. Something I can only show and tell once The Mom has seen the finished product, as her husband is the one who commissioned me to do them and it’s a surprise.

Besides the strictly needlework-related activities, I’ve been busy making another batch of surf ski foot straps for my cousin. He and his business partner design and manufacture surf skis and I make the foot straps for them. I’m also the go-to invitation (and all sorts) designer in the family, which as you may have noticed by now is a rather large extended one, with my most recent one being an email invite for my nephew’s first birthday party. My aunt is putting together a photo book from the boxes of old photos and memorabilia that came from the old family farm, a sort of photographic family tale of my maternal ancestors. Anyway, she’s asked me to put together a few pages of memories scattered with photographs from all the cousins. Growing up, we used to spend our school holidays running wild and free on my grandparent’s farm in the southern Drakensburg mountains – so many memories, many bittersweet after losing our much loved Gran far too early.

So I have been keeping fairly busy, the usual case of a long to-do list and never enough time. I know I’m not alone here… it seems to be the blight/salvation of creative people the world around. And with my mind being one that is constantly in motion, there’s always something on the burner – sometimes ideas that will never come to fruition but are fun to imagine, other times ideas that I’m working on turning into projects (fingers crossed). I’ll keep you posted, even if time runs away with me.

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