Friday, 15 February 2013

Motif mania

I gave you a sneak peek of these in January and now they’re finally finished and ready for unveiling – five new patterns for hand embroidered motifs: 

Rather than coming up with a single design, I’ve gone the route of a number of motifs in one pattern that you can mix and match, stitch as standalone smaller embroideries or split up to make a set of something. The first idea that sprang to mind was tableware, a set of napkins or placemats. But the sky really is the limit with these – think it and chances are pretty good these motifs will work for it!

They’re all available as detailed, digital patterns in the Embroidery Patterns section of my online shop. You can see more photos of the embroidery there, as well as on my Pinterest, Facebook, Hand Embroidery Network and Flick pages – just click on the links to the left.

These five patterns have been a while in the making… As usual, I got completely carried away when designing and didn’t think about the time it would take to prepare, embroider, photograph, lay out and upload them all! But I can’t deny that I’m feeling a huge sense of satisfaction now that they’re done and available to the world. I only hope you love them as much as I do.


Paula Marcondes said...

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very beautiful, like your motifs choices!

E.Senna said...

Lindos. lindos, lindos!!!!


Kay - the Never Knitting Crafter said...

These are so, so delightful!!!

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks everyone, for your comments. Glad you like them!