Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy 2013

And so another year rolls around, bringing with it new hopes and fresh expectations. I hope you feel rested and ready for it.

I’m not completely sold on the rested… but I’m definitely ready for everything I’ve got planned on the needlework front. Here’s a little taster of something I’ve been working on and hope to bring to fruition for you in the early part of the year:

I have a number of things planned for 2013 though, ideas either brewing or already in progress. As well as tentatively high hopes for a specific project that is out of my control at this point, so please keep your fingers crossed. Either way, here’s to a happy and fulfilling year of stitching for us all.


Miss Holly said...

Oh have you ever peaked my interest!!!!

James said...

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E.Senna said...

Ei, Kelly!
Amo o seu bordado!
Estou praticando algo bem parecido!
Você certamente agora é uma das minhas inspirações! Vou executar alguns dos seus padrões!
Parabéns! Um abraço!