Friday, 22 June 2012

Just Plucked

I love embroidery. Obviously. I also love fabric. And appliqué is a good meeting point for the two – I get to indulge my passion for contemporary design using more than just thread. And sometimes a design works out in such a way that it “has legs”, as they say in the advertising industry. It’s perfect not only for hand stitching, but also for appliqué.

Such is the case with my latest designs, Just Plucked. Two hand-drawn blooms in vibrant reds and greens, appliquéd on to snow white cotton fabric and made up into plush 50x50cm scatter cushions. 

Just Plucked 1

Just Plucked 2

The patterns are available as digital downloads in my online appliqué shop and include the design and templates, full instructions for the appliqué and to make the cushion, as well as a comprehensive requirements list.