Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Stitch and Thimble : 05

Get tanked on tea with a cosy to keep the pot warm, serve up a tray of delights on a Deco-inspired cloth and corral your clutter into embroidered fabric boxes.

To find out how, pick up the new issue of the Stitch and Thimble from my website. You'll find all the instructions you need to embroider and make up the needlework projects in this, the fifth issue:

I've really come to love putting each issue of the Stitch and Thimble together. And I’m starting to see trends develop too, such as the potential of almost all the items I make up for the publication to function as rather nice gifts. And with Christmas being just around the corner… yip, it's that time of year already if you can believe it.

The best thing about the items I've been making for the Stitch and Thimble is that they can all be made in a relatively short space of time – in needlework terms – so they're ideal for gifts. And some of you have used just the pattern and then added your own embroidery design, which is great. Carol from Buffalo in New York used my cosmetic bag pattern from issue 03 of the Stitch and Thimble to make a present for her eldest daughter's birthday last month:

And I have to say I've been enjoying working out the patterns as much as the embroidery designs. Thank goodness mathematics was one of my strongest subjects at school – all this designing is definitely a good example of a real-life application for the subject.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to see people starting to make quality hand made gifts again and patterns like this really help!

Liz said...

Love that peacock feather. It's beautiful.