Sunday, 14 February 2010

UFO lurking

Funny things, UFOs. Those sad, unfinished mishmashes of fabric and thread that lurk in the back of the drawer. There are so many good reasons why they remain unfinished, and yet it’s so hard to throw them away. They’re like the runt of the litter, the underdog, the sibling that fades into the background.

And being someone who instinctively roots for the underdog, the quiet one, the one with less going for him or her is probably one of the reasons I can’t bring myself to throw these half-finished projects away. I brought them with me all the way from Africa, for heaven’s sakes. It was the perfect time to say good-bye and yet I bundled them in with the rest of the “to do” projects being shipped to the UK, even though they screamed UFO.

So why do I still have them? And why will they more than likely follow me to the next place we decide to settle? Well, I guess:

1) The aforementioned affliction of always rooting for the underdog.
2) They remind me of certain times and places in my life.
3) They’re a reminder of what not to do.
4) The idea may be good, just not the execution.
5) They’re a good indicator of how personal taste changes and develops.
6) Just like Sixties fashion, their appeal is bound to surface again at some stage.
7) The eco-friendly option would be to upcycle them into something fantastic.
8) And I know that the minute I throw them out, I’ll find a use for them.

And that’s my attempt at justification. So looking at what I’ve just typed, I could:

1) Make an exception.
2) Take photographs.
3) See 2 above, and make notes in my book of all things stitchery.
4) See 3 above.
5) See 2 above.
6) No. No it won’t.
7) The best idea as far as I can see.
8) See 7 above and find a use for them.

Or perhaps I could just lay them out, have a little look and make a note to read this post again sometime…


Crafty Cripple said...

Or you could send them to the Unfinished Object Administration where they take these poor sad objects and breathe new life into them.

Cele said...

Great post. it's so true about all the things that UFO's show us about ourselves. I have a large hand pieced quilt that winks at me everytime I open the spare room wardrobe.
Infact you have encouraged me, I'm going to have another peek at it now.God with your plans for UFO's.

Elizabeth Braun said...

I agree, find a use for them.=)

Make your notes, take your photos, learn the lessons needed, then turn them into something you can finish and be proud of. Even with forever, life's too short for UFOs!!!LOL=)

Knot Garden said...

It does seem sad to see those UFO's doesn't it, maybe it's the time and emotional investment we put into them in the first place that makes them so difficult to throw out. They also contribute to the ongoing record of what we've done or attempted. I can think of several things going back years that I really should get rid of! You never know when some use could be found for them, so maybe that's one good reason for hanging on to them.

Cele said...

ooops slight typo on my last comment should have been, good to use your ufo's.

Tilly said...

I've got a fair few of those too. I keep telling myself that I won't start anything new until I finish a UFO, but of course that never happens! I do intend to finish them someday, sometime, whenever!