Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Seeing the light

I should have bought a daylight lamp two years ago, when we first moved to the UK. But little did I know then how much the lack of sunlight would affect my ability to stitch, particularly when it comes to finer work like hand embroidery.

Well, those dark days are now firmly in the past. My Daylight Twin Fluorescent with two – yes two – 15W daylight tubes has become the most coveted of my possessions. Its super-adjustable arm (it’d win a game of Twister hands down) and table clamp rather than space-hogging base are great design features. Put simply, it just works.

I’m not a night owl by any stretch of the imagination. But when I got the urge to “just quickly embroider that bit there” well after 9pm one night, it was a revelation to be able to flick a switch and do so – without having to unpick my floss squiggle the next day.

And I didn’t have to stop sewing on my machine or risk bloodshot eyes when what daylight we had faded at the end of a rather dismal Saturday recently. A quick flick and my entire work surface was flooded in natural light. I only stopped when the nagging kink in my back – the one only those who use a sewing machine can relate to – rendered sewing unpleasant.

I’m not punting any particular brand here, just the concept of a daylight lamp or bulb. If you live far from the equator and are subjected to dark and gloomy winters, you need one of these. It’ll alienate you from your loved ones and deprive you of sleep – I guarantee it.


Anonymous said...

I so wish they were cheaper here. I really might have to save for one.

Elizabeth Braun said...

You know, you don't even have to live far from the equator to lack light. Most Taiwanese apartments are dinginess itself! We have a decent amount of light in ours, but sometimes I feel like parts of it are in a different time zone - one 3 hours nearer to bed time!!!

Anyway, I agree with getting a daylight lamp where possible. At home in the UK, I just have a simple £9 floor lamp from Ikea with a very moveable head that we shoved a Daylight Company bulb in. It looked daft having this obviously blue bulb in a very peachy room, but it did the trick. Not that I had eye problems, but it was nice to have a good light. Everything's flourescent here....=(

Ruth O'Leary said...

I got a daylight lamp for Christmas, and it's made a huge difference - I now can't believe I did without one for so long! The difference in the light is remarkable, and *much* better on the eyes.

Tilly said...

I think I need to get one of these. Our house is full of energy efficient lightbulbs but the quality of light isn't too good. I thought I was just getting a bit old when I couldn't see so well in the dim light! Mind you, I could do without the sleep deprivation bit - I have enough of that with the baby!

Liz said...

I love mine too. Thank goodness they go on sale!