Sunday, 16 August 2009

Green, the new pink

Two-thirds of the way through an embroidery project and suddenly I’ve gone off it – no surprise there, it’s not the first time this has happened to me. And I know from experience that if I switch to another needlecraft for a bit, I’ll soon be hankering after embroidery again.

There’s plenty on the to do list. There always is. But you know when you just don’t feel like doing anything on that list, because it seems too much like work and not enough like play? Exactly.

What I really felt like doing was a bit of quick and easy crochet. Specifically, some of the flowers and leaves out of 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet, which I got more than two months ago and still hadn’t gotten around to using. But a few stray balls of handknit cotton and 4-ply in greens, cream, white, brown and black didn’t exactly conjure up images of bright summer blooms.

The urge to crochet overrode my colour consternation and, well, seize the day and all that – why should a little thing like a lack of suitable supplies get in the way of crocheting pleasure? And so I give you a chocolate box lazy daisy, anaemic clover, forest green hellebore and a green, black and white old-fashioned pink.


Barbara said...

Kelly, no need to get in a rut, there are enough needlearts out there to keep us happy the rest of our lives, just switching back and forth as I am, grin.
I started about 7 embroidery boms about 4 months after they started, so trying to catch up does get to one, and then I knit a while or go quilt a while, so have fun, I love the funky color flowers, nice work.

Liz said...

Beautiful. My favorite is the shamrock.

Katy said...

These a great!

Crochet was my first craft, and I always come back to it. Did you see today's post at the Purl Bee? I'm inspired yet again!

Freshly Found said...

These are gorgeous. Makes me feel like upping my crochet skills! I love the way you have presented them on that print fabric too!

kat said...

Love your 'anaemic' description of the clover :)

Sheryn said...

I love your flowers and the clover, Imagine an entire handbag made up of them stiched together! Beautiful. xxx