Sunday, 7 June 2009

Jacobean leaves embroidery pattern: 6 of 8

I cheated a little on this leaf. The thing about designing embroideries is that sometimes the picture in your head doesn’t quite work in practice. I loved the idea of a jagged edge, but stitching the “jags” proved tricky. So I may have used a few straight stitches in amongst the stem and outline stitching on either side of this leaf… Oh, and I used stem on the left and outline on the right to create the mirror effect.

Download the pattern here.

NOTE: Please remember that I hold the copyright and that these patterns can’t be used for financial gain.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful leaf, love the colors.

Thanks for sharing. Designing and drawing patterns is a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely leaf, thanks so much!

All the best
Maria del Valle

Hanna Samuel said...

Wonderful job.. Love that Jacobean leaves embroidery pattern and really its an inspiration for embroidery digitizers like me. Thanks a lot for this great idea.