Sunday, 21 December 2008

Aural pleasure

I seldom give music credit for the role it has and continues to play in my life. I stitch to a soundtrack more often than not and my iPod’s wheel is well thumbed from the daily commute.

I met my husband through music – I was working on a publication that featured a regular cover album and he was contributing a track. We’ve had the opportunity to see some of our favourite bands playing live since moving to the UK. Ween, Tegan and Sara, Goldfrapp, Death Cab for Cutie and TV on the Radio are acts we’d never have seen in South Africa.

Music has the ability to take my mood and spin it 180° in the space of two or three songs. So to give credit where it’s due, I’m going to big up the artists that are rocking my world at the end of each post. Some may be new, others revisited. Either way, I hope they get your foot tapping.

Track of the week
LES Artistes off Santogold's self-titled debut album.


Cele said...

great song. love this album too.
Hope you have a Great Christmas.

Tilly said...

Hi Kelly, wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas!

Jenny said...

Have a wonderful Christmas. Love the cushions on the previous post, a great practical idea.