Sunday, 6 July 2008

A good bullion

I’ve never really got the hang of bullions. I’m getting better at them, but they don’t come naturally. It’s a shame, because it’s a good stitch to have in your repertoire.

My talented mom, however, is really good at bullions. Well, she’s good at all things stitchery, but her bullions are to be desired. They lie straight, are even in width from start to finish and never go fluffy.

So when I spotted this sampler she did a while back stuck away in a cupboard in her studio, I asked if I could have it. And then, true to my nature, stuck it away in my cupboard.

It made the move with us to the UK and was duly placed on the list of projects to be completed. And now, here it is. (About bloody time, too.)

1 comment:

Average Jane Crafter said...

Oh my! Those are some *very* amazing bullions! I'm with you, though - I haven't quite been able to master them. This is great inspiration, though! :)