Monday, 16 June 2008

The List

I’m really good at starting projects. So good that sometimes an idea doesn’t even make it out of my mind and on to paper, never mind fabric. It’s almost as though seeing the finished product in my head or making a start on it renders the project complete – I see, therefore it is made. But it’s not, is it?

So I sat down and made a list of all the incomplete projects lurking in and among my stitching paraphernalia and was mildly horrified (though not caught completely unawares, I’ll admit) at the length of the list. And it doesn’t include projects visualised, but not yet started. That’s a list all of its own. The most shameful item on the list has been a work in progress since… I can’t even remember, but it was definitely started more than three years ago.

The good news is I’ve already crossed four items off the list – although technically my mom is to thank for one of them… But it’s a good start, even if all that needed doing on the advent calendar was the binding!

I have to admit to a huge feeling of satisfaction. Now if I could just finish crossing off the list...


Lil D said...

It looks really great.

I always have grand ideas about things I want to make for Christmas, then never end up making any of it, as Christmastime is so busy.

Kelly Fletcher said...

I know! I have ideas for a whole tree of handmade decorations, but haven't even gotten around to getting a tree yet!